Benefits of a Sauna

Benefits of a Sauna

What is a sauna?

A Finnish Tradition in the U.P.

Unlike Turkish baths, Finnish saunas are extremely dry. The temperature is kept at about 90° at floor level and about 185° at the top. Humidity levels are often only 10% to 20%. Water drains through the floor to keep things dry.

The sauna known in the western world today originates from Northern Europe. In Finland, there are built-in saunas in almost every house. The oldest known saunas in Finland were made from pits dug in a slope in the ground and primarily used as dwellings in winter. At Dead River Saunas, we put our own spin on it!


Cardiovascular Health

Reduce your stress levels

Stress reduction is one of the most well known benefits a sauna provides. In fact, the most prevalent disease effecting people today, heart disease, is at least partially stress related. Heat bathing in a sauna provides stress relief in a number of ways:

  • Reduce risk of hypertension (high blood pressure) with regular sauna use. A 3-month study of bi-weekly sauna use showed reduced occurrence of high blood pressure.
  • Sauna use increases the heart rate similar to aerobic exercise, with the heart rate ranging between 120-150 beats per minute.
  • Long-term sauna use and aerobic exercise are associated with improved arterial compliance, which means the arteries are healthier and better able to handle additional stresses.

Muscle and Joint Pain

Soothe thoughts aches and pains

The heat provided by a sauna helps relax the body and release endorphins, which can have a mild “tranquilizing” effect. Saunas are known to help minimize the pain of arthritis and regular muscle soreness like that you’d feel after a physical workout.

  • Growth hormone increases by 200-300% after a single sauna use, which helps with reducing muscle atrophy.
  • Regular sauna use may also benefit strength training through improved recovery & muscle growth through the increased growth hormones.
  • Three-weeks of post-exercise sauna bathing increased run time to exhaustion by 32% in male distance runners.

Flush Toxins

Sweating is good

Many different cultures have used heat to flush toxins from the body. Because one’s core body temperature rises while in a sauna, the blood vessels dilate causing an increased blood flow and you begin to sweat. Deep sweat can help reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and many other chemicals from one’s body.


Better Sleep

Deeper sleep means a better day

Research shows that saunas generally provide someone with a deeper, more relaxed sleep. During a sauna, more endorphins are released and the body temperature rises. As you get closer to bed time, your body temperature and endorphin levels slowly comes back down. This slow decline is key for good sleep!


Other Benefits

There are many more benefits to saunas

  • Reduces incidences of Alzheimer’s by 65%
  • Helps fight illnesses
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Burns Calories
  • Recreational & Social Benefits
  • It just feels good!